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Situated in the eastern India, The state of West Bengal is entitled as India’s sixth largest economy. It has an abundant of natural resources and ranks 11th among Indian states for ease of doing business and reform implementation. The state capital, Kolkata has the highest crime reported as per the government data of pervious census. Majority of population is involved in trade, finance, insurance, and related activity which calls for a need of a professional yet qualified investigation agency.

Suspicious client’s behaviour, extra marital affair and financial scams demands quick secret investigation. With the advent of our investigation office in West Bengal, People can have a sigh of relief from being trapped in fake and deceitful arrangements. The First Indian Detective Agency has office in Kolkata to help support our clients in personal and business investigation related matters.

Personal Investigation Services in Kolkata, West Bengal –

The First Indian Detective Agency is pioneer in providing personal investigation services in the West Bengal. Personal investigation matter may involve any aspect of your life. You can investigate about your daughter’s boyfriend to your wives best friend. You can even come up for detective help if you doubt your neighbour’s suspicious activates. Hiring a private detective in west Bengal will only be in your favour. We are at First Indian Detective Agency, are obliged to take care of you and your personal problem. You can trust our spy agents for keeping all your predicaments and quandaries all by ourselves. We offer 100% confidentiality and discretion while investigating any matter. No matter you wish to have complete loyalty investigation on your partner or just the phone call records, we have solution to all your problems.

Secret Surveillance Investigation Services –

The crime rate is sky rocketing in West Bengal. Many times people report their matter in police station, that involve skip tracing or finding a lost vehicle. And we all know the end result of police investigation; in most cases, the files generally open and close with no results. That is why, people in West Bengal trust private investigation agency of FIDA. The First Indian Investigation Agency has maintained its reputation of result oriented organisation by taking in hand active surveillance task.

Our Surveillance service in West Bengal is completely anonymous and covert. If you need to find a long lost contact, your loved one or even a business defaulter; then you can opt for Surveillance investigation services of FIDA.

Hire FIDA for any Personal or Corporate Matter Investigation in West Bengal

The First Indian Investigation Agency is in business since last many years in West Bengal. Our aim is to deliver 100% fruitful result for any of your investigation needs. Our detective agency caters to both personal investigation and corporate investigation and helps them unearth information hidden by providing crucial evidences.

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