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Pre Matrimonial Investigation Point in Personal Detective Services

Here we are drawing a typical template of a normal pre matrimonial investigation services. These points are something, which immediately comes to our mind. Investigations are definitely not limited in any way because of this generalization. The client has the full right to share his/her perspective to get a meaningful, comprehensive investigation conducted.


It is important to get factual information about prospective alliances. Ownership of houses, how long are the living here. Getting a list of all their previous residential addresses and conducting personal investigations at all places. The house should be according to its vicinity.


Complete details of education with grades and years. Short duration courses shown as prominent accomplishments will be revealed.


Getting all the places where the subject has worked till current period will be found with the job functions and position in each company. Any fake or frill claim will be busted.

Disturbance in Family:

The pre matrimonial investigation carried at all the places the family has lived will give a complete picture of any good or negative history the family ever had.

Litigation Check:

If the subject or family member is in any litigation, it has to be known.

Criminal Record Check:

The subject and each family member must have a clean record or at least it must be known to you.

Current Income/Savings/Obligations:

The financial health of the subject includes what he/she is drawing currently. Savings and obligations to financial institutions are part of spending habits.

Status and Character Check:

The subject and family members must have a clean character and reputation in the society. This check is conducted on all the residential addresses the subject or subject family has resided.

Reputation and Personality:

Discipline in job, social circle and neighborhood is investigated to know about the nature and dedication of the subject. A person of discipline has greater chances to reach a successful phase of professional and personal life. A person roaming here and there in free time and mixing with unsuccessful and unemployed people will have less chance of redemption during bad phases of professional journey. A person must have a good company, whatever his financial position.


If subject is into any kind of negative indulgences like alcoholism, substance abuse, prostitution, gambling, etc. A person who is a slave to such things is not trustworthy.

Every family and person is different, hence there can be no packages or off the shelf solutions. This article is placed as per our experience to help you out to make an opinion of what you expect from the investigation exercise. It also helps to know if anything has to be specifically taken care off or something that has to be certainly verified. If you are looking for pre or post matrimonial detective services or private detective agency in Delhi for any types of matrimonial investigation services then, you must go with First Detective Agency. Thus each investigation is “Tailor Made”, as per you matter.

Difference Between Pre Matrimonial and Post Marriage Investigations

One of the most common questions asked is why the charges, approaches and timeline of pre marriage and post matrimonial investigation differs. It is a “Frequently Asked Question”, for our detective agency in Delhi, India. The following points will clear the dissimilarity, quite certainly:

From individual to social involvement:

After pre mat investigations, you are in a position to say “yes or no” to the prospective alliance. Unfortunately, this freedom is not there if you are in a post marriage problem with your spouse or in-laws. In pre matrimonial investigations services, we verify the information which you already have and plug the gaps. In case information is less, then we have to generate workable information to initiate inquiries. In most cases our detective agency in Delhi, India is very objective, a set pattern is followed to gather information like, verification of date of birth, family financials, character of would be spouse and immediate family members, their social and workplace reputation, current income of prospective partner, checking for summons, warrants or notices served on the family, getting the list of all the places where the family has lived in past, addictions, current relationships, etc. In post mat, one is already in knowledge of most such information.

From family to courts:

The matter becomes even worse if the dispute goes under litigation. The issues that crop up are compatibility, third party interference, sudden financial loses, adultery, unsatisfactory property division, change of residence or job or business, impractical assumptions about marriage life, etc. Pre mat investigations agency in Delhi, India is there to take care of most of these issues.

Child Custody:

And if a child is there, the future of your kid will be decided by courts in a child custody or visitation battle. This is the most painful part of separation of married couples. We as Detective agency in Delhi, India have found that in all cases repeat all cases the kid/s is scarred for no fault. This unfortunate fallout is something that should be avoided at all cost.

Information and evidence:

In pre matrimonial investigations services you are looking for information based evidence. In post matrimonial detective services, you have to fetch evidence that satisfies the law points. What you see as evidence may bite dust in court battles. Also important is the timings of presenting evidence in court. Litigation is a chess game; it must be played from the position of strength. Court sponsored mediation process; it must be utilized to get maximum insights.

Why Choose First Indian Detective Agency?

Why choose FIDA?

  • First Indian detective agency is one of the leading detective agency in India. We have a specialized team for the undercover operation. We have deployed uncountable numbers of undercover operation investigators/detectives in a diverse variety of companies throughout India. Our team has huge experience in deploying agents for undercover operations. Being the best detective agency in Delhi, we have demonstrated expertise in all types of undercover operations including covert undercover operation with high-tech surveillance equipment or elaborate undercover sting operations.
  • We have the best-in-class surveillance equipment like body wires, tracking systems, transmitters, high-powered equipment with photo/video capabilities and broadcast quality hid surveillance cameras. All these are used to provide definitive proofs that will hold their ground in any court of law.
  • As professional private detectives in Delhi, we completely understand and guarantee the need for confidentiality and sensitivity both. We provide a fast, efficient and reliable service to the legal profession, business, and commerce throughout India and abroad.
  • Our detectives and investigators follow any person or any vehicle smartly and keep the track of the outdoor activities related to the places visited, a number of persons met name of the persons and more activity which leads to the client to a decision and that too with proper timings.

private detectives in delhi

Family cases:

It is common that you can get involved in a dispute with your family members over property or assets. The matter may be taken to the courtroom. You may be losing out on your rightful ownership. To validate your authority and in order to justify your claim, you will need documents and proof. This agency can provide you with efficient and quick results.

Corporate investigation:

In today’s fast moving life, we face complex problems, some of which are out of our reach to handle. All our investigators are properly trained and have been experienced in the similar field. Our investigator came from the ranks of the finest investigative agencies in India. We are equipped to provide surveillance background investigations records check and investigation of sensitive nature; requiring investigators adept at performed investigations in an unobtrusive manner. We are committed to our client’s privacy and conduct our investigation with complete discretion at a negligible price which makes us the best cheap detective agency in Delhi.

First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA) can assist you in:

  • Dating scams investigation
  • Pre and post matrimonial investigations
  • Extramarital affair Investigation
  • Missing person
  • Teenage monitoring
  • Tracing individual
  • Civil cases investigation
  • Crime cases investigation
  • Child custody and maintenance
  • Divorce cases and alimony
  • Shadowing
  • Telephonic harassment investigation
  • Forensic reports
  • Pre-post employment
  • Bank fraud investigation
  • Undercover operation
  • Business investigation
  • Tracing Individuals and companies
  • Insurance claim
  • Asset verification
  • Cybercrime
  • Forensic reports
  • Theft & pilferage

Here Few Ideas that help to Find a Genuine Pre Matrimonial Detective Agency in Delhi

Matrimonial Detective Agency in Delhi

  • First Indian detective agency is one of those reputed organizations known as pioneer in the felids of private investigation. FIDA is a leading detective agency in Delhi offering their clients special detective services in legal, corporate and personal matters.
  • Their detectives deal with cases involving financial fraud, extramarital affairs, theft, forgery, disloyalty, divorce, murders ,threats, financial loss, property issues and many more and use high-tech equipments such as GPS tracker, cyber software, sting operation devices etc.
  • The surveillance team of First Detective agency helps to unveil vandalism, fraud investigation, cheating spouse investigation etc.
  • FIDA agents are exceptionally trained and use well equipped devices to record every minute details. They create a quality report and deals with Legal Source Tax Crimes, Illegal Source Financial Crimes and many more.
  • Being one of the finest Detective Agency in Delhi, their team of skilled detectives and investigators has the appropriate expertise in unraveling all kinds of criminal cases.
  • We have an extremely strong commitment to confidentiality and discretion. We respect your needs for privacy and treat all over interactions with you in a highly confidential manner.

Pre matrimonial investigation:

Getting into a bad marriage with wrong life partner not only shatters the dream one had, but also leaves behind a long, lonely & painful life to live. So, it’s primarily necessary that one must know all personal, professional, family and financial details of him or her, so as to prevent any regrets or problems in the future. First Indian detective agency is a paramount pre matrimonial detective agency network, their agents through their pre matrimonial investigation offers professional services thereby providing detailed information about the bride and groom.

The most important facet of first Indian detective agency is that they do not disclose the information and keep it confidential. They assist their clients in knowing their better half in a better way. FIDA give you the service of discreet pre-marriage investigation which will clear all your worries related to your partner or his family before you decide to pronounce the sacred vows of marriage. We put all of our expertise efforts in obtaining the best possible details of your partner’s character which will help you in making better decision for yin choosing your future partner.

Post Matrimonial Detective Agency

Post matrimonial investigation:

One of the significant reasons of the expanding pressures in wedded life is the doubt of additional conjugal relationship of either companion. The increasing tension in married life is due to the suspicion of extra marital relationship of either spouse. FIDA is a leading post matrimonial detective agency that uncovers reality and presents a clearer picture empowering you to take the correct choice. Being the finest Post Matrimonial Detective Agency, we have advanced technology devices which include many trapping devices and Video recording, voice Recording etc. We help clients to obtain correct information of the partner’s whereabouts and provide substantial information with proofs which can be used in the court of law for legal battle if any.

A Professional Post Matrimonial Detective Agency Services in Delhi NCR

First Indian detective agency is renowned to be the best detective agency in India. We are committed to provide excellent security and investigation services to our esteemed customers. Our entire services are executed and implemented as per the specific requirements of our clients. Being the best detective agency in Delhi, our services are highly demanded in the market because of their durability and effective results. We provide complete solution for our customer’s problems through our services.

First Indian detective agency is the leading detective agency in Delhi and has a team of experienced investigators who are in the field of investigation since last couple of years. We have achieved great heights by making improvised operations, to get the desired result. Our team of officers makes distinct strategies to achieve the attainable goal. Our investigators are equipped with latest gadgets that help to construct evidence on case. Our officers’ works in a team that is led and followed by experienced investigating officers. We offer accurate information that assists our clients to formulate effective solution through our wide investigation services.

Our matrimonial Investigation services:

A married couple sharing their daily activities with each other is a good thing but in case the other partner takes it in a wrong way, then problems in the marriage might arise. Hence, the requirement for the matrimonial investigator services becomes a necessity. Therefore, it is extremely important to perform some basic checks on your partner before committing to a marriage. We are a professional post matrimonial detective agency experienced in post martial inquiries with absolute secrecy and accuracy. It’s really hard to differentiate between an honest person and a con. That’s where we come in to the picture, with our expertise in the field of private intelligence which makes us the best detective agency in Delhi.

Post Matrimonial Detective Agency, Pre Matrimonial Detective Agency

Some of our services in the pre-matrimonial verification include-

  • General character verification
  • Verification of social reputation of boy/girl
  • Information relating to his/her employment/business
  • Detailed background report of their activities
  • Education, behavior & general nature of boy / girl
  • Family background check
  • Social status and reputation of the family
  • Financial status of the family & individual


Post matrimonial verification-

Matrimonial disputes arise due to lack of trust and honesty amongst husband and wife. Frequent quarrels occur due to certain suspicious activities of your partner. Not only this involvement and interference of a third person also becomes bone of contention. The whole such situation is to be dealt very cautiously and carefully. The entire report of investigation and the name of the clients are kept strictly confidential and discreet in any circumstance. First Indian detectives work under the supervision of highly experienced professionals as well as emotional counselors. Once the case is given to us we provide an exceptional level of service by employing different ways to unearth the facts and present a clear picture to our client.

Post Marital Investigation by FIDA

Best Post Matrimonial Detective Agency in Delhi

Whenever you find something suspicious about your partner’s behavior and have a constant gut feeling that your spouse is cheating on you or hiding something from you, then you must consult with a professional investigator. According to a survey 6 out of 10 people having extramarital affair as a result divorce cases are constantly increasing in India.
First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA) offers Post marital Investigation services in Delhi. FIDA will help you to extract the evidence so that you will get peace of mind and can take the right decision of your life.

In many cases, we have seen wife has an extramarital affair and she files a false divorce case in order to get alimony from husband, in such scenario investigation is very much required to know how to get your self-free from the conspiracy. We do a strong surveillance by the team of professionals, who help you in providing a piece of evidence like pictures, audio, and video.
We assure you that all the information remains confidential between us. Client’s privacy is our first priority. We deliver high-quality results on time with utmost integrity. We have highly skilled and qualified investigators, who work 24/7 for our clients. We use hi-tech gadgets in our investigations.

As information is power, so we believe in providing the right information to our clients on time. We as Best detective agency in Delhi thrive for gathering all the related information and proofs to help you in taking right decisions. We will furnish all the information like financial details, employment details, affair details, medical details. We research on the communication pattern of your spouse with you and with his friends, colleagues, and relatives. Identifying digital footsteps is one of the key steps which we take to get the clear picture.

We have solved nearly 2195 post matrimonial cases so far with 99% success rate. So let’s get connected and count on us for the result.


Best Background Check detective agency in Delhi – FIDA

Best Background Check detective agency in delhi - fida

The background check is the process of investigation into a person’s personal and professional life history that approves or refuses their identity and character.
A representative background check detective agency in delhi often includes these types of information, but is not limited to:-

Education history
Marriage records
Property records
Business ownership
Drug addictive records
Character reference check
Employment history
Criminal records
Assets investigation
Civil records etc

Depending on the situation of the particular individual,We use highly qualified, trained and experienced team for private investigators in delhi to resolve the matter. We are expert at producing good results. We can check the background of an individual through the internet, but that information is usually incomplete. Only a private investigator can provide accurate and complete information by investigating the matter thoroughly. It can be done by doing surveillance or by deep background investigation physically or by the stationary method.
Giving work to an investigator is the best way to assure that the information you get is authentic. It can also give you a proper assistant about the insight character of the person.
These days, there are numerous companies who offer the background check services but they get mixed quality information which is dated source and provide a little piece of information. But in FIDA provides you best and reliable information with proofs. We have highly trained & qualified investigator. FIDA has largest database of the information in India, and the information received was personally reviewed by our senior investigators.
Background check services in delhi are the comparatively low cost that can save your expenses too.
Becoming aware of the employees and personal individual background can help you to relieve stress & saves you from fraudulent activities.
FIDA provide you detailed information on any individual in India to help you make some appropriate decisions about your personal & professional life.

Surveillance detective agency in Delhi – first Indian detective agency

Surveillance detective agency in delhi
First Indian Detective Agency

Surveillance is an art of watching someone, some place, or a subject in order to identify any contact, activities, and whereabouts. It is conducted to stop a crime, to obtain evidence of a crime, to find out an individual’s location, to watch out the activities in or around a specific location or building, to obtain information to be used in reports, to dig out information to be used in court.
Surveillance adds to an investigation when subject movement is confirmed or the information of the subject is necessary to proceed the investigation. FIDA examine and investigate the entire lifestyle of an individual for a day by finding out the details of his day to day activities.

Surveillance can be conducted on:-
• Pre and Post Matrimonial Investigation cases
• Tracing of Missing and Absconding person
• Extra Marital Affairs
• Adultery or Cheating Partner
• Addiction / Bad Habits Verifications.
• Financial background and assets
• Blackmailing/ corporate and personal
• Property issues.
• Company production fraud etc.

The situation at the time of surveillance will determine whether it will be mechanical or human and whether the surveillance will be stationary or mobile. FIDA use world class Hi-Definition cameras and all the latest equipment to capture the pictures and videos of the subjects. Surveillance is the backbone of any kind of investigation

At the time of surveillance the detectives and Investigators follow any person or any vehicle smartly and keep the track of the outdoor activities related to the places visited, the number of persons met & name of the persons and more activity which leads the client to a decision and that too with proper timings.
FIDA provide surveillance services and observance services like security surveillance services, video surveillance service and many more to the clients.

FIDA is The Best matrimonial detective Service in Delhi

pre- matrimonial investigations

A number of marital alliances develop problems due to the suspected activities of life partners or unrevealed information’s. Our Marital investigation services in Delhi include pre-marital & post-marital inquiries. From checking out the personal & financial details of a marriage prospect, to exploring the possibilities of extra-marital affairs, we offer our world class investigative capabilities to find the right information every time for our customers.
Pre Matrimonial Detective Services
Marriage is certainly a gamble and one could lose in the event of accepting the attractive and appealing bio-data of prospective matches blindly. As one of our more commonly requested services, we carry out a special service assisting you in taking the right decision by checking and verifying the details and information given to you by the other family.

Post Matrimonial Detectives Services
One of the major reasons of the increasing tensions in married life is the suspicion of extra marital relationship of either spouse. We unearth the truth and bear the realities thus putting forth a much clearer picture enabling you to take the right decision. We utilize many various methods including discreet surveillance to obtain the valuable evidence you need and once we have this, we will if required, co-ordinate with your legal representatives.
We are having the best Matrimonial Detectives in Delhi. We provide both Pre Marital and Post Marital Investigation services that include the complete verification of your partner’s loyalty, personal, financial and other details in a confidential manner. We also dig more about your marital partner’s family background, work profile, financial status and other personal life’s issues pre and post marriage as per your wish. For all matrimonial investigation tasks, we have some experienced investigating professionals, who can be your friend to gather all details regarding your love Pre and Post marriage with him or her.

FIDA is having a best Matrimonial Detective In Delhi/NCR, FIDA gives their services to the customers coming from Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. FIDA assure to deliver highly safe and confidential investigating services for one’s life or about its partner before and after marriage in a very secret and transparent way with proofs.

Issues we cover in pre matrimonial investigation are as follows-
Financial status
Employment/business details
Concealed previous marriage/divorce

Financial Status- This has to be methodically and very confidentially checked to enable the client to get a clear picture of the expected living standards the alliance would bring about, rather than be downcast later, that may lead to a breakup.

Employment/Business details- Investigation entails one to probe deeply into prospective groom/ bride’s professional status, especially with high sounding designations for low-performing jobs as is in the vogue nowadays. In case the prospective spouse is in business we can ascertain the financial health of the business.

Employment/Business details- Investigation entails one to probe deeply into prospective groom/ bride’s professional status, especially with high sounding designations for low-performing jobs as is in the vogue nowadays. In case the prospective spouse is in business we can ascertain the financial health of the business.
Concealed Previous Marriage/Divorce- Needless to say any secretion in this area has potential to create depredation in married life. But any such information if thrown up by a pre-marital investigation can save a lot of harassment later in life when confronted with lawsuit for provision or maintenance of children living with the estranged spouse.

Missing Person Investigation Detective Agency

Detective Agency in Delhi

FIDA is exceptional and apparent association of private detective agency in Delhi India which has productively fulfilled the missing person investigation benefits with a specific end goal to track the location of an absconder or guilty person. If a person not paying his bills, not answering any notice of company from a very long time then it might be possible that he can be the part of any forgery and scam. Therefore it becomes obvious to get the missing person investigation with reputed detective company and FIDA is one of them.

Sometime Defaulter individual figured out how to escape out by the association for his installment late on the grounds that the data of his area and private address is not fitting or missing. There are varieties of cases where the defaulter address, telephone number isn’t right which makes extremely troublesome for company to gather the payment overdue and it drives them huge loss of organization and these accounts are called skip account. The magnificent team of FIDA intensely plans an effective operation for missing defaulter applying modern techniques in order to recover money from the defaulter.

We operate diverse methodologies for leading the missing person investigation that involves:

  • Collecting the call records of defaulter and check the mobile phone history and bill payments
  • Credit card statement and ATM transaction details of fraud person
  • Checking the computer records so that we can get the internet and other social activities of defaulter such email, social profile and much more.
  • Checking the authentication of diaries, letters, bill payments and other information related to missing defaulter.

FIDA is the leader Missing People Investigation agency in Delhi, India; henceforth you can pick our services for precise missing person investigation. Our exact data system and most recent methods identify the defaulter even in most confounded cases and concealed subtle elements. Our group is persistent and has the quality to take up any difficulties. And if somehow defaulter has managed to escape out of town then we can beyond it and find the truth and the defaulter as well.

FIDA Investigative Services, Inc. realizes how important it is for you to find people. We will help you locate just about anyone from long-lost friends, relatives or lovers to subjects who have disappeared recently or who may or may not wish to be found. We do this in a very professional and secure manner and our results stay with us FIDA provides best services for Missing Person Investigation . We use to aid in the discovery of missing people. We do not provide a third party with what we have uncovered unless specifically authorized by client, court order or law enforcement.

We use skip tracing services when trying to locate missing persons. This service helps us to locate people who have moved quickly or who have secretly fled without giving any notice. This service along with the paper trail a person has left behind usually lead to a successful case. The more information you are able to provide us with, the better the chances of finding the missing person.
Information to try to provide:

  • Name and any common names
  • Social Security Number
  • Spouse’s Name
  • Spouse’s Social Security Number
  • Any alias’ the subject might use
  • Subjects last known address and any previous addresses
  • Date of birth
  • Last telephone number
  • Last occupation

The depth to which we do our search is dependent on the level of difficulty. On cases where you wish to find a lost family or friend, any information you may have, such as an old address, phone number and/or date of birth, would be of great assistance in our search. In turn, this will make the person less difficult to find. The majority of these cases have had a quick turnaround and we want you to see the same results!

Other cases such as people who have recently disappeared or who wish to be truly evasive, may need more in-depth investigative techniques. We have the state-of-the-art equipment that would be required by field investigators to help locate the missing person, which will help to decrease the difficulty of a rather complicated case. Our team of private investigators have a combined of more than 15 years experience and we are here to help you find the missing person you’ve been looking for.


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